Samson Onafuye

After just two Skype coaching sessions about his doctorate thesis on gospel music, Samson said:

As a result of the coaching, I have been more effective in my studies, reached goals that I thought I could not attain during this season. I made use of the plans and strategies and they have served me well. Not only has it helped my studies, it has also impacted my personal life; making me more strategic in the way I relay with family, work colleges, and peers.

I am studying much better- working smarter, not harder. I am making use of technological tools introduced to me through the coaching to support my studies in a way that I could not have done before.

Additionally, the way I think about projects has seen a transformation. I am more strategic, more welcoming of different trajectories that would lead me to execution.

Charly Bradshaw

After just two Skype coaching sessions towards her album release in  Australia, Charly said:

Having a teaching job 4 days a week and gigs with my other band every Saturday and sometimes Sundays as well making time management very important. Since my coaching, I believe my time management has improved dramatically and I have found the time to get things done because of 1. Motivation, 2. Focus and 3. Planning.

Having plans in place, motivation and enthusiasm have made me very positive and very happy, which is reflected in the positive response I have had from friends, colleagues and acquaintances and in general. I have come up against minimal problems with my planning which I believe means I’m doing it right!

Jacqui Hartas, Director of Working Strategies Ltd, said:

I believe Stu’s ability to combine creativity with a sharp, intelligent and inquiring mind provides an engaging and stimulating environment for his coachees.

Stu has excellent interpersonal skills and is encouraging and supportive. He has a sense of humour and builds a strong coaching relationship. Stu demonstrates excellent questioning and listening skills, good structure and a focus on solutions.

Alessandra d’Alesio

“Stu was my supervisor for my MA Music Business Management final project, studying the progress of female executives in the UK music industry. His support was incredible. He was exceptionally able to motivate me and give me significant advice which helped me get the highest mark. He was extremely good at transmitting enthusiasm and positivity. Thanks to his positive attitude and his advice on managing my energies, all stress that generally characterises the writing of a thesis turned into my best academic experience ever. Stu is also a person with great interpersonal skills, sense of humour and empathy.”

Dr Christian  Kennett, Principal Lecturer at the University of Westminster, said:

As a colleague, I had the rare opportunity to see and hear Stu encourage and enthuse dozens of different students in their work – performers, producers, entrepreneurs, journalists and more.

Stu has a comprehensive, joined-up approach to professional development in his coaching and mentoring. His approach significantly improved the focus and professionalism of our students and transformed our teaching and learning strategy. I was initially sceptical, but Stu converted me to someone who now designs and delivers bespoke teaching and assessment focussed on the unique characteristics, strengths, aims and ambitions of each student.